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Tips for becoming a Branding Photographer

I hosted an Instagram Live Q&A on NYE and answered a ton of questions from photographers on how to build a branding photography business. Have a question of your own? Drop it below! And if you want to tune into my weekly Instagram Lives, connect with me on IG at

0:00 – Welcome

0:56 – What to post when pivoting into branding photography

3:17 – How to educate your clients on branding photography

5:20 – How I got my start in branding photography

9:31 – When my branding photography course opens

10:04 – Specialized photographer vs. jack of all trades

13:13 – Pricing branding sessions

17:17 – Pricing different types of branding sessions

19:19 – How to download my Personal Branding Photography Checklist

19:39 – Photographers – how to join my course waitlist

20:29 – Commercial use of branding photos

21:38 – Creating white backgrounds for photographing Amazon products

22:36 – Types of branding photos for a podcaster

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Tips for becoming a branding photographer

download my free resources

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Capture who you are as an entrepreneur and what makes your brand unique. With this checklist, start building your inventory of branding images (get your camera or iPhone ready)!

personal branding photography checklist


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Check out my gear list including cameras, lenses, equipment and other accessories I use to photograph products inside my home for clients!

Product Photography Gear List


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