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A personal branding photographer, marketing strategist, educator, and hype-woman helping entrepreneurs to elevate their personal brand and grow their business.

I'm Angie McPherson!

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Ready to be seen as the go-to branding photographer in your market?

Ready to be seen as the go-to
branding photographer
in your market?

My mission is to help photographers build a profitable branding photography business, book dream clients, and produce photoshoots that deliver on their vision! 

Education for photographers who want to thrive

Personal Branding
Photography Checklist

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Start building your inventory of branding images! This checklist will help you know exactly what type of branding photos to capture at your next shoot.

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Want to be seen as the go-to branding photographer in your market? Check out my signature courses for branding photography and product photography, or book a virtual strategy session so we can dive into your business!

Education for Photographers


Check out my resources to help photographers and creative entrepreneurs build their business. You'll find templates, content ideas, planning tools for personal branding photoshoots, and more!

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Let's team up to create an entire gallery of custom, on-brand images to use throughout your website, social media, and marketing platforms that reflect who you are as an entrepreneur and what makes your business unique! I'm based in Virginia and love to travel!

Branding Photography for Entrepreneurs

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layra marte

"I just booked my first high end client for a personal brand photoshoot all thanks to you Angie! I finally have a system that works, and that I can tweak as I grow in my business!


I'm Angie,
your hype-woman!

I am SUPER passionate about helping photographers market themselves and attract dream clients while creating more income and IMPACT in their business. I'm a wife, mom of 2, and a breast cancer survivor choosing joy and gratitude every single day!

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15 Reel Ideas for Branding Photographers

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5 Ways to Show Your Personality in Branding Photos

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 Top Resources

Curious about what tools I use in my business? I've compiled a list of my favorite resources including client management, email marketing, website templates, graphics, and more! 

My favorite
resources & tools!

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Branding Shoot
Inspiration Cheat Sheet

Photographers, need visual inspiration for your next shoot? I got you, boo! Save this PDF to your phone so that you never run out of posing ideas!


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