Angie is a branding photographer, marketing strategist and hype-woman for creative entrepreneurs


I am SUPER passionate about entrepreneurs creating a powerful personal brand and taking inspired action to move their business forward. I've watched my business grow from connecting with my audience on a personal level and positioning myself as an industry leader and I can't wait to help you do the same.

When I’m not running my business, I’m usually throwing living room dance parties with my hunky husband Shaun and our sons Koa and Luca, or binge-watching Netflix with a bag of Starburst Jellybeans!

Friend, It's time to become the face of your brand, hone in on your skills, and get more intentional in your entrepreneurship journey. Let's work together to create actionable steps to grow your business and serve your clients in the best way!

A personal branding photographer, marketing strategist and hype-woman helping entrepreneurs to elevate their personal brand and grow their business.

hi friend! i'm Angie McPherson!

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Capture who you are as an entrepreneur and what makes your brand unique. With this checklist, start building your inventory of branding images (get your camera or iPhone ready)!

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Check out my gear list including cameras, lenses, equipment and other accessories I use to photograph products inside my home for clients!

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Fill in the gaps and think outside the box with fun and bizarre holidays! National Coffee Day, Best Friends Day, Have Fun At Work Day & more are just WAITING to help you connect with your audience on social media.



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Let's team up to create an entire gallery of custom, consistent images to use throughout your website, social media and marketing platforms that reflect who you are as an entrepreneur and what makes your brand unique. From headshots to your workspace, creative process and products, you’ll be able to tell your story, connect with your audience and grow your business!

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A 1-hour deep dive into specific aspects of your business! We'll brainstorm, strategize and come up with action steps to achieve your goals and grow your business! Strategy sessions are customizable and popular topics include branding, photography, social media, content planning, blogging, email marketing and much more!

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Marketing and personal branding resources to help creative entrepreneurs elevate their brand. You'll find my social media content vault, planning guide for personal branding photoshoots, and my own personal Lightroom preset paired with an editing tutorial! 

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Discover how to grow a personal branding photography business, book dream clients and produce photo shoots that deliver on their vision!

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