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I'm angie!

I'm a branding photographer educator, marketing strategist and hype-woman for creative entrepreneurs!


I was recently on a mastermind call with some of my alumni students and had them share a few wins. Let me tell you… I was BLOWN away. 🤯 Not because I’m surprised by their success (they are killing it!), but I was just excitedly reminded how far this niche of photography has come since I pivoted years ago! 📸

Just take a look at some of their wins below! And remember, these are photographers just like you who have pivoted to this niche in the last few years:

  • Branding photography revenue surpassed wedding photography revenue in just one year
  • Booking clients each month at their top package
  • Selling out branding mini sessions quickly
  • Bringing in massive revenue from home with product photography
  • Running a successful stock photography monthly membership to a niche audience (hello, passive revenue!)
  • Outsourcing to focus on bigger revenue-generating tasks
  • Hosting in-person events for business owners to learn, network, and collaborate
  • Creating add-on services like reels production, brand videos, strategy calls, etc.
  • Happy, referring, recurring clients!

I could go on and on listing wins that I’ve heard from my community over the years and it truly gives me goosebumps. I’m simply sharing this with you to show you the possibilities that come from growing in this niche! 

If you’re feeling stuck and thinking…

Is branding photography really for me?

Can I make a full-time salary in this industry?

Can I truly make an impact with my passion + expertise?

…then I want you to scroll up and read those wins again. Because it. is. POSSIBLE. And the possibilities are ENDLESS. 👏🏽 This industry has come a LONG way, and I’m so proud of it. And I’m proud of YOU.

Continue showing up, sharing the journey, educating your audience, networking, creating a killer client experience, and watch your business thrive.

And remember that I’m cheering you on along the way! 🥳

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3 Secrets to Photographing A Wildly Successful Branding Photoshoot

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In this class, you’ll discover…

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