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I'm angie!

I'm a branding photographer educator, marketing strategist and hype-woman for creative entrepreneurs!


Another weekly installment my of Live Q&A and the questions were 🔥🔥🔥!

Here’s what we covered:

0:00 – Welcome

0:45 – Free live masterclass for photographers! Save your seat:

1:55 – Pricing options for product photography

3:49 – “What’s the most obscure product you’ve ever photographed for a client?”

7:05 – “If you charge per image, do you charge a flat rate for shooting? Or is strictly a ‘per image’ basis?”

7:48 – What to do when your client has bad packaging

9:25 – How to keep your clients happy and help them to stand out

10:49 – Charging for sourcing props

13:39 – Charging for multiple people in a brand shoot

15:08 – Tips for leveling up and pivoting

17:23 – What inspired me to start mentoring/coaching other photographers

18:59 – Quick tangent: Celebrating the fact that I still have eyebrows after 10 rounds of chemo LOL! 🙏🏾

20:10 – My journey to going full-time with photography

23:00 – What I did before photography and how you can use your background to stand out in business

24:03 – Tips for marketing for clients who want images for dating apps

25:54 – My thoughts on when to consider yourself a ‘professional photographer’

27:00 – Tips for attracting branding clients

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3 Secrets to Photographing A Wildly Successful Branding Photoshoot

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In this class, you’ll discover…

🔑 Key strategies to get unstuck when you’re struggling to come up with ideas

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I'm Angie,
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I am SUPER passionate about helping photographers market themselves and attract dream clients while creating more income and IMPACT in their business. I'm a wife, mom of 2, and a breast cancer survivor choosing joy and gratitude every single day!

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