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I'm angie!

I'm a branding photographer educator, marketing strategist and hype-woman for creative entrepreneurs!


Have you ever come to a point in your entrepreneurial journey where it felt like you were missing that SPARK? 💥 You know the ‘spark’ I’m referring to… the feeling you felt when you first started your business. Everything was exciting and the possibilities of where your business could go were endless!

Whether you are 1, 5, or 10 years into your business… Do you still feel that spark? 💥

It’s no secret that my entire 2021 has been filled with difficult times that I’ve had to push through (cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemo, and radiation that just finished up this month). I’ve had many people reach out and ask how I’ve stayed motivated to continue showing up and running a business when times get hard.

It’s simple, I try my best to keep the spark alive in my business (just like you would in a relationship)! Our workdays as entrepreneurs can get monotonous but how can you keep things fresh and exciting? How can you create adventures, whether small or big?

For example, right after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I found out I was chosen to host a styled branding shoot at the Showit United photography conference in Arizona in November. I knew I had a tough year ahead of me but I made it my MISSION to be there. This is the type of adventure that fuels my entrepreneurial fire! 🔥

Throughout the year, I found myself constantly pushing my doctors to schedule my surgeries, treatments, scans, etc. for as soon as possible so that I could finish active treatment by November. The conference was truly a light at the end of the tunnel. And having it to look forward to lit a spark in my business throughout the year. It pushed me to continue to show up, connect, and create new ways to serve my audience.

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Needless to say, the conference was a trip of a lifetime! I was able to connect with online friends and make new friends, host a shoot for photographers, meet some of my amazing course students, give a ton of hugs, learn from incredible people, and dance the night away. I even won the ‘Showiteer of the Year’ award! 🏆 I left with so many new friends, memories, dreams & goals for my business!

So how can you reignite the spark in YOUR business? It doesn’t have to be a conference and you don’t even have to travel. What fires you up? Can you gather some creatives together and plan a workday full of good food, brainstorming, and masterminding? How about finally planning out a new service/offer that your ideal clients have been asking for and taking your audience on the journey? 

You know the type of activities that light you up – you just need to go do them! 😉 You know I’m always cheering you on! 🎉  Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram if you want to brainstorm!


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I'm Angie,
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I am SUPER passionate about helping photographers market themselves and attract dream clients while creating more income and IMPACT in their business. I'm a wife, mom of 2, and a breast cancer survivor choosing joy and gratitude every single day!

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