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10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

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I'm angie!

I'm a branding photographer educator, marketing strategist and hype-woman for creative entrepreneurs!


Spring has officially begun, the weather is finally warming up and I’ve got the spring cleaning bug! Not just around my house but in my BUSINESS haha! Q1 was all about setting goals, intentions, and processes for the year and now it’s time to refine, organize and simplify! If you’re like me and getting ready to hit a busy season, it’s the perfect time for a refresh and reset to set yourself up for success (and prevent burnout)! Keep scrolling to read 10 ways to spring clean your small business this year!

Update your website 

When is the last time you updated your website? If it’s been a while, do it now before things start to get busy and you later realize you have super old images and content that don’t reflect your brand!  Bonus points if you have new branding photos to refresh your site with! Also, go through each page and blog post to make sure all your links are working and images are still showing. Update your About Me page and Investment page if you need to. 🙂 I took this task to the extreme and I’m launching a brand new website in a few weeks!

Update your Workflow

Having workflows for different aspects of my business has been a complete game-changer for productivity! Are you finding yourself doing the same tasks over and over? Automate and delegate what you can to save time, serve your clients well, and also focus on bigger, revenue-generating projects! You can use a Client Management System like Honeybook to create and implement workflows (click HERE to get 50% off your first year of Honeybook!

Organize your Pinterest

Pinterest is still SUCH a great way to get visitors to your blog and website! Organize your Pinterest boards by categories and give descriptions on each pin for some extra SEO juice!

Declutter physical & virtual workspace

Clean and organize your office and desk and maybe even add a touch of florals to brighten up the space 🙂 Don’t forget to clean your VIRTUAL workspace too- desktop and folders! Organize, organize, organize.

Clean Out Your Inbox

Getting a ton of spammy emails or subscriptions you aren’t interested in anymore? Remove yourself quickly with one swipe via! If your inbox is a mess, create subfolders! My process for tackling email is to respond, delete, or file away. I have folders upon folders to file away important emails.

Update your Documents

Sending out the same contracts from 5 years ago? Do a quick read through to see if anything needs to be updated!


If you haven’t recorded your income and expenses for quarter one, do it NOW haha! This small task can really add up to be a nightmare if you don’t tackle it head-on!

Manage and save your passwords

I despise the time it takes to remember a password when I’m trying to do something important LOL! Thank goodness I finally hopped on LastPass! It’s an extension in your internet browser and password manager. It remembers the URL, username, and password for any site you log into! And it’s all saved with a master password that you set. All the praise hand emojis!!

Refresh marketing activities

Analyze (ah, one of my favorite words.. #marketinggeek) your marketing and promotional strategies from Q1 and record what worked, what didn’t work and what can be tweaked. Don’t be afraid to try new things this season!

Back up your files

Back up all your files now so you aren’t keeping all your eggs in one basket!

I hope this was helpful! What will you tackle this season? And trust me, I’ll be doing these tasks right along with you, friend!

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