I’ve been producing videos to use online and for social media since my graduate program in 2013. Most recently I interviewed Erin Spencer, a National Geographic Young Explorer, in a Facebook Live at BioBlitz in Washington, D.C.

At the United Nations Foundation, I’ve helped to create several videos to help with content and to promote events. The video below was created to help highlight key moments at the 2016 Girl Up Leadership Summit.

I’ve also helped to create several editorial videos to help highlight key moments during interviews, such as this one with Reverend Thon Moses Chol.

This is a short collection of a three videos I submitted to City University as part of the television journalism pathway for the International Journalism MA.

The first one is my favorite and is about the trend of small music venues closing in London.

The second is a creative attempt to make a visually-inspired weather report for an artsy news program.

And the third video is about the dangers of biking in London and measures the city is taking to promote safer cycling practices.


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