Behind The Scenes
with Angie McPherson

Behind The Scenes
with Angie McPherson

Virtually shadow me as I photograph 3 different branding shoots from start to finish! Get an in-depth look at my complete process so that you can level up your branding photography and make your next shoot your best one yet!

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Here's why you can't afford to stay on autopilot

Our clients trust us to create intentional imagery that empowers them to elevate their brand and genuinely connect with their audience. But I’ve heard from too many photographer friends that they’re winging it or going through the motions. Let’s be honest - sometimes we all feel that way. If you’re on this page, it means you’re ready to get out of that rut of inconsistency. You know it’s time to invest in yourself and reap the rewards.

What if you had inspiration and DIRECTION to help you step up your branding photography so that you could truly turn your client's vision into a reality? You'd finally build that epic photography business you've always imagined.

Ready for your level up?

You're in the right place if...


You find yourself struggling to come up with ideas and tend to repurpose the same concepts for every client.


You feel anxious when structuring the day and wonder, “How can I flow seamlessly from one shot to another and execute my client’s vision?”


You’ve dreamed of being able to consistently ✨ WOW ✨ your clients so they keep coming back for more (recurring clients are the BEST)!


You're a visual learner. You find it easier to pick up tips and tricks by seeing someone else’s experience.

Behind The Scenes with Angie McPherson


Virtually shadow my photoshoots!

Watch as I photograph 3 different branding shoots from start to finish! See how I pose clients, set up shots, shoot in various locations, manage challenging lighting scenarios, view my camera settings, lens choices, and more!

Get an in-depth look at my complete process so that you can create stunning images, elevate your client experience, and level up your branding photography business!

Let's make your next branding shoot your best one yet!

watch how i pose my clients

see how i set up shots and flow through the shoot

See my camera settings and lens choices

View the final images


Marnie owns The Mint Sweater, a lifestyle brand, blog, and shop for the everyday girl seeking to live a not-so-everyday life. Watch me photograph Marnie in a studio, capturing different looks and concepts, while showing off her personality, the tools of her trade and her shop items.


Tiffany is a YouTuber and influencer who wears many hats in her business. See how I photograph her entire branding photoshoot in her home, strategically capturing various lifestyle concepts as we flow from room to room.

Michelle & Chalise

Michelle owns a wedding & event planning business and I photographed her session at a studio and a coffee shop nearby. Michelle included her assistant Chalise in the branding shoot so you'll have the opportunity to see how I photograph a small team.

Blogger & Shop Owner

youtuber & influencer

wedding & event planners

Watch and learn!

here's what you'll see
in behind the scenes

Template: Branding Photoshoot Client Guide

This 14-page pre-written customizable Client Guide serves as the cornerstone for a well-prepared and on-brand shoot. You'll save yourself a ton of time in educating and prepping your clients while reducing their stress as they organize all the details! The guide includes how to choose outfits, locations, props, create a vision board, and so much more!

Plus, get these bonuses!

Branding Client Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help you get to know your client, their business, brand, and their vision for the branding shoot. You can customize, copy and paste the questions into your client management system.

Template: Branding Shoot Plan

This is a GAME CHANGER for elevating your client experience. Customize this Canva template to create a game plan for each client's branding shoot. Simply fill the template with answers from your client's questionnaire, images from their Pinterest board, and any additional notes. The layout, framework, and placeholders are done for you and you can truly make it your own by changing the colors, font, and more.

($97 value)

Flash Setup Quick Guide

This guide includes my approach to using flash, multiple off-camera lighting setup options, my settings, and links to everything I use!

($27 value)

($47 value)

($37 value)

Jasmine Star will be teaching the class:
How to Book Branding Photography Clients on Social Media
Jasmine is the ultimate social media marketing expert and business strategist (who started her business as a photographer) and I am HONORED to have her teach this training exclusively for students enrolled in Behind The Scenes.

Don't miss out, you won't be able to find this type of training with Jasmine (specifically for branding photographers) anywhere else!

Bonus class with Jasmine Star

Exclusive bonus!

How does this sound?

Behind the scenes will help you:


Educate and engage your clients to cast the best vision

Walk into your next photoshoot more inspired, prepared, and confident


Flow through the shoot with intention and bring your client’s vision to life

Create a variety of custom images that are high-quality and consistent


Elevate your client experience to keep them coming back for more

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How It Works

set the scene

Get an in-depth look into each client's Branding Shoot Plan to
see the vision unfold.


Watch me in action as I photograph 3 branding photoshoots from start to finish.


Review the final photo galleries and apply the knowledge gained from BTS to your next shoot.

"I now have a better flow between poses, get a bigger variety of images, and provide a better plan ahead of time to have a more organized session and happier client! Behind The Scenes is literally for all brand photographers!"

- Jen

real results

Finally feel what it's like to work from a place of creativity, clarity, and confidence

Let's get started

"Seeing Angie work in the moment was so helpful!"

Now I have a clear vision on how to work with branding clients from start to finish! I've gained clarity and tools that have me feeling confident and excited to move forward knowing that I have a plan. It was so helpful watching Angie’s flow. The bonus templates are a game changer for organizing and structure.

— Alexa

The Investment

behind the scenes

One-Time Investment:
Just $197

3 behind the scenes videos

Canva Template:
Client Guide

client questionnaire

Canva Template: Branding Shoot Plan

flash setup quick guide

email templates

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jasmine star bonus class

These 12 email templates are essential for your entire client workflow from initial inquiry through requesting a review. Formatted for easy copying, editing, and pasting into your email provider or client management system!

Swipe my email templates!

($77 value)

Fast-action Bonus #1


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hi friend!

I'm Angie McPherson

I'm a branding photographer, marketing strategist, and hype woman for entrepreneurs. I'm also a wife, mom of 2, and a breast cancer survivor choosing joy and gratitude every single day!

I photograph entrepreneurs and influencers throughout the country, providing custom imagery to uplevel their businesses.

My superpower is helping branding photographers build a booming business, produce photoshoots that deliver on their client's vision, and leave a lasting impact! You deserve to thrive in this industry and I'm going to help you do just that.

"It is so helpful to see Angie’s detailed process from A to Z and I realize the possibility of elements you can use in different environments! I have more confidence because I have everything I need to organize and create the client's vision!"

- Ashley


money back 

Did I mention it's risk-free?

I know that Behind The Scenes has incredible value and I want you to feel confident in enrolling. That's why BTS comes with a 7-day 100% money back guarantee. If you join and find it isn't a right fit, request a refund within 7 days of purchase and we will completely refund your money.






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Go Behind The Scenes!

BTS provides so much value for the visual learner! Being able to see Angie's flow with clients gives me more ease, confidence, clarity and great ideas! It helped me to see Angie’s use of on and off-camera flash and I love seeing the still photos with camera settings right after Angie takes the shot.

BTS is so valuable, filled with brilliant tips and resources to grow your brand photo biz with joy & confidence.

— Mary

"I'm now set up for success!"

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m just getting started with branding photography, is Behind The Scenes right for me?

Yes! The beautiful thing about investing in education early on is that it will only expedite your growth!

I’m an established branding photographer, will Behind The Scenes still benefit me?

Absolutely! BTS is valuable for photographers of all experience levels. So even if you’re a seasoned branding photographer, this is 100% for you too!

What can I expect when I enroll in Behind The Scenes?

Upon enrollment, you will immediately receive an email with your login credentials so that you can instantly access the content.

How long do I have access to Behind The Scenes?

Lifetime access! You'll also get any videos and resources added in future updates!

Still on the fence?

Wondering if this is the right fit? Have a few more questions for me? I'm happy to help!

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