Thousands of London residents protest hospital cuts

Protesters outside Lewisham Hospital. Twitter photo by @SaveLewishamAE

Local residents rally support of Lewisham Hospital A&E and maternity units. 

Thousands of southeast London residents gathered on Saturday afternoon to protest the closure of two Lewisham Hospital units.

The hospital is currently under the administration of South London Healthcare, a financially-troubled NHS trust that accumulated more than £150m in debt in just three years.

Special health administrator Matthew Kershaw, appointed in July, has suggested that Lewisham Hospital may need to “slim down” its units to keep the trust from collapsing.

According to protest organiser, Save Lewisham Hospital, local hospitals don’t have the staff necessary to support Lewisham patients if the units close.

“I’m really impressed with the numbers today”, local resident Alix Adams said in an interview with East London Lines. “It’s a real community effort, especially in this weather.”


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