American football fans go the distance to see Pats, Rams


Thousands of NFL football fans flocked to Trafalgar Square today to meet the St Louis Rams and New England Patriots.

The NFL has made numerous attempts to bring the American football league across to Europe. This rally may not have converted many soggy British residents, but it has shown the dedication of American fans to withstand the elements and the miles to meet big name players.

The lines to meet New England Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady and St Louis Quarterback Sam Bradford were at least an hour, stretching from the tents to the entrances.

Some London citizens did not understand the context of the football rally. “I just saw it as human cattle going towards their fields. Unjustifiable, lustful connection with sporting signals they identify with,” said Tottenham resident Zakariah Hussein, 25. “That’s not the type of person I am.”

“It was crazy to see so many Americans in one place,” said Islington resident Alastair McPherson, 23. “You don’t see this type of thing in London.”

Many American tourists, still dressed in wet football jerseys, went to the pub to warm up after the rally. They celebrated the timeless American tradition of pre-game beer in a much older city.

The St Louis Rams play the New England Patriots on 26 October at Wembley Stadium, 1:00pm BST.


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